These romantic spots in Prague may not be familiar to you yet, but they are the perfect scenery for your Valentine's Day

06. February 2024

Charles Bridge, Wenceslas Square or Old Town Square? Prague's most famous sights attract hundreds of thousands of people every year. But if you're visiting Prague on Valentine's Day, you'll appreciate our tips for lesser-known but all the more romantic places to visit.

Petrin Hill and its lookout tower are a popular tourist spot. It is also home to a statue of Karel Hynek Mácha, a representative of Czech Romanticism. Every couple in love should definitely stop at this place.

Prague's New World lies outside the main city centre and has its own irresistible charm. You can walk to it from Prague Castle. In its streets you won't believe you're in the 21st century.

The ancient fortress Vyšehrad is one of Prague's landmarks. It is steeped in legend and history can be felt at every turn. You are guaranteed to escape the crowds of tourists and enjoy a new view of Prague.

The John Lennon Wall is just a few steps away from the Old Royal Post. This iconic place has been a symbol of love and freedom since the 1960s. The wall is covered with various graffiti, paintings and signs inspired by John Lennon, his lyrics and message of peace and love. It is a symbol of freedom of expression and creativity, although it has been painted over and cleaned several times in the past. Many people come here to leave messages linked to John Lennon's message. The site attracts tourists, artists and music lovers from all over the world.

If the weather allows, you can take a beautiful walk to the southern gardens of Prague Castle. There are several gardens in the grounds of Prague Castle that are open to the public free of charge. The Paradise Garden, the Na Valech Garden and the Hartig Garden - all three are interconnected and offer beautiful views of Prague from several viewing terraces.
Of course, you can enhance your memories with a romantic dinner, ideally overlooking the centuries-old city of Prague.

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