Tips for Halloween Entertainment in Prague

24. October 2023

Experience this year's Halloween in grand style and head to the European metropolis for the celebrations! Prague, unique at any time but especially in the autumn, will provide you with a mysterious atmosphere during the Halloween festivities. Stay at the luxurious Old Royal Post Boutique Hotel in the Lesser Town, which offers you a magical view of the autumnal milky mist and orange lights flickering from hollowed pumpkins in historic alleyways.

The end of October and the beginning of November are not only marked by the Celtic holiday of Halloween but also by the preparations and celebrations of All Saints' Day and the Mexican Day of the Dead, Día de los Muertos. Don't miss out on the magnificent spooky-themed entertainment that will captivate not only adults but also the little ones. With children, you can visit the pumpkin exhibition in the botanical garden and, on this occasion, make a pumpkin lantern together. Later in the evening, you can embark on a spooky path of courage. Also, make sure to visit the zoo, where a program full of fun and competitions awaits you.

As part of the All Souls' Day celebrations, you can explore the gardens beneath Prague Castle, which are just a short distance from our Old Royal Post Boutique Hotel. The gardens will be open to all who wish to pay their respects to the deceased, take a moment to reflect, or enjoy the panoramic view of Prague in a unique atmosphere of lights, lanterns, and torches. However, if you prefer more lively and energetic celebrations, don't miss the Día de los Muertos festival in the Mexican spirit. This holiday is, in fact, the opposite of All Saints' Day. In the Prague market, you will have the opportunity to experience Mexican food, music, and entertainment.

Celebrate with us the unique traditions and holidays shrouded in the magical cloak of Prague. Reserve your stay at the Old Royal Post Boutique Hotel and experience unforgettable moments that will leave you with lasting memories!

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